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My Experience in Forli

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My two weeks of work experience in Forli has unfortunately come to an end. I had received a very warm welcome from the Uniser staff and felt at ease.

I felt nervous to some extent, yet excited to be starting work experience at ‘SOIP’.

SOIP became my working environment for roughly one week and a few days, approximately 6hrs each working day. SOIP provided me with a very creative and supportive approach to the I.T environment.

Somehow throughout this entire experience in Forli I never actually felt like a complete stranger and in some way became at ease quite swiftly within an entirely new culture and surrounding areas.

I would most definitely say that after only spending 2 weeks in Italy my love for coffee has increased. I had never realised how much Italians loved coffee until visiting this remarkable country.

I was undeniably blown away by the architecture and design everywhere, from the detailed sculptures and ceiling frescoes to the buildings and entrances of the cathedrals, the level of detail was astonishing.

Within and outside of my work experience new skills and knowledge have be acquired for me to put into practise and share with others back home. Life-lasting memories have been created and will forever be valued.

Special thanks to;

SOIP Team (Alessandra & Marco), UNISER and Erasmus+.

(Video about Forlì: directing, filming and editing by Rory Carroll)